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Reports & Resources

As the project progresses you will find here all sorts of relevant documents we will upload for public sharing.

Teachers Guide – Irish

BULLY4YOU developed a teacher’s guide in Irish, you can download it from here.

Download pdf file

Guide for using losers video with groups

Curious about how you can use the EUBULLY “Losers” video in group situations and in classroom? Check out here some possibilities suggested  by the creators of the film, the team of Spectacle Theater UK .

Download pdf file


Spectacle Theater produce these stories to highlight the many aspects of bullying behavior. More details of their work in Wales you can find at


RO subtitle version

HOW TO USE DRAMA TOOLS – Teacher guide

EUBULLY Partnership and Spectacle Theatre co-produced a new and updated version of the Teacher’s Guide on how to use drama tools, methods and techniques in educational settings, school and elsewhere.

Teacher guide – HOW TO USE APPS

  • An introduction to the EU BULLY apps – download .pdf
  • A Guide to the EU BULLY Quiz app and Research Survey app – download .pdf

Tools for a violence-free classroom

CPIP team has translated for the EUBULLY partnership two of the most valuable resources developed inside the project: a handbook on how to work with drama method inside class activities and a handbook on how to work with the EUBULLY game ( The translated materials are now available in 15 languages and you can find them here

Entrepreneurship and education

In the March issue of the ESHA Magazine you can find an extensive article about bullying as a school based phenomenon and EUBULLY Project’s approach to it.

Valuable resources

New valuable resources for parents, teachers, kids and the comunity:

InSite Drama Manual

New developed Handbooks on how to deliver drama session in schools, available now in RO, EN and GR.

Latest Research Results

The Musician

Anti-Bullying Film Gets Shorter Every Time You Share It

To make a point about bullying, Singapore’s Coalition Against Bullying for Children and Youth has launched a video that gets shorter every time you share it.


The app has been developed by Infobuzz, an organisation that offers mentoring services, guidance and training to young people with drug addiction problems and emotional difficulties amongst other issues. The app enables young people to assess the risks of their gang involvement, to provide information to parents/carers or concerned others, and access to personal advice from support workers at Infobuzz through the 1-2-1 messaging system. The app is a discrete, confidential point of access for those who may feel trapped in a gang or are at risk of this, which was designed in consultation with a potential target audience.

We felt this is a great example of best practise to share with partners as well as sign post practitioners in general to the app, which can be accessed on mobile devices or pcs.

The link is:

Birmingham City Council’s Stop Bullying campaign

Please find below a link to Birmingham City Council’s Stop Bullying campaign. Here you will find the events and publications delivered by the Council on this topic

view the campaign

Anti-violence Romanian movie

Romanian short movie developed by students at a vocational highschool and used in the prevention campaigns of the Police.